When chemo is used, the 5-year survival period is 2.1%

Doctors will give response rates of 50-60 percent, but what does that mean?

It means 50% percent of the tumor will be destroyed within 30 days, along with the rest of your body.

Doctors will use will not help you when it comes cancer, and just about all the other diseases.

You need to your 16 vitamins, 60 minerals, and essential fatty acids.

You need to avoid non organic foods and all other poisons that are in beverages, and everywhere else.

When you’re hungry, your body is looking for minerals, and your body will not get it from your food.

2.1% for chemo, Alternative treatments will actually cure you, without the side effects, you can expect Real cure rates upwards of 70%, Many pro alternative practitioners have gotten cure rates in the steady 90%s, with No side effects. If you chose alternative treatments after your body has been bombarded with the toxic conventional medicine, your chances will be lower, more in the 25 to 50% range.

Cancer is a disease which always results from a compromised immune system. How can you cure a disease which results from a comprised system with a drug which further comprises the immune system?

Chemotherapy is toxic, carcinogenic, destroys red blood cells, devastates the immune system, and kills vital organs. Your hair falls out, your immune system is destroyed, you are constantly nauseated, you get sick and vomit, you are frequently dizzy and you have severe headaches. All this and it doesn’t even help you, and Its track record, I hope none of you fall for this scam! There is a medical holocaust going on, you have the option of not becoming a part of it, if you’re an adult. Children may not be so lucky, in America, the government will call the authorities and put you in jail if you don’t succumb into the toxic death sentence.

Some good alternative you should look into are the Budwig diet, Cesium therapy, or protocel and youngevity products. Not all alternatives go well together, it’s possible to mess up the entire treatment by doing something that counteracts it. Get started as soon as possible and get a book on the treatment you’re going to go with. Don’t be foolish and listen to your Oncologist, listen to Dr. Wallach, Ben Fuchs, Dr. Group, not your Oncologist! Outsmart your cancer, is a pretty good book, especially for protocel, and other main treatments.


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